Canadian Expat Mom

Luxurious Day-Dreaming

I’m in Congo. But it doesn’t matter where you are; close your eyes, just for a minute.

Let’s go on vacation, shall we?

Grab your bag and join me. We won’t need much. Don’t worry, anything we’re missing we can pick up when we get there. We’re going to Dubai after all.

Imagine yourself boarding the plane. Settle into your seat and grab your iPad or Kindle. Champagne? How lovely. It’s an international flight, so drinks are on the house.

Let the relaxation begin.

I’ll skip the long hours on the plane and the jet lag, because this is a fantasy, so those things don’t exist.

We’re now in Dubai and we’re being driven to the Waldorf Astoria Spa on the world famous, and unique, Dubai Palm.

We arrive to find everything just as we imagined it. Crisp, clean and immensely relaxing. The spa decor is coloured in shades of whites and creams, making every inch of the space inviting, relaxing and luxurious.Water? Let me get that for you.We follow the spa therapist down the hall towards our separate rooms.It’s dimly lit and the massage table is calling my name.

A candle is lit in the corner, and I’m drunk on tranquility.After being massaged for an unknown amount of time(due to slipping into euphoria) I slide back into my robe and am led to a relaxation room. You’re not done your treatment yet, so I’ll just pour myself a cup of ginger tea.The spa attendant just came in to let me know you’ve been relaxing in the other room, ready for a steam.Of course I join you and we let any remaining stress simply melt away.

Of course this isn’t just any old steam room. We’re in Dubai, everything is kicked up a notch.

We have our choice between a regular steam, and a herbal steam.We choose herbal.But it’s your fantasy too, so if you prefer a sauna; go for it!Just when we think we’ve indulged as much as we can, we sneak in a hot tub, to be sure we’ve tried everything. And….

*snaps fingers*

….just like that, I’m back to reality.

Did that really happen? It seems like a dream. An alternate universe from the one that is outside my door. Too good to be true? For an everyday occurrence; absolutely. But the Waldorf Astoria Spa in Dubai made it my reality, once upon a time, and for that, I am thankfully.

*Eyes open. Cue Congo.*


Thanks to the Waldorf Astoria for inviting me to be there guest. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, check out their spa. It’s as good as our fantasy.

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