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Spas of the World: The Address Downtown Dubai

IMG_8101There are certain spas that leave you in awe just by walking in.  Where you can visit the spa and feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated just by using the facilities, before even having your treatment.  The spa at The Address Downtown Dubai is one of these spas.

As with many things in Dubai, this spa has an air of luxury to it that starts the minute you enter the building.

Greeted warmly by the doorman at the hotel, I was escorted through the lobby and into the elevator, being assured by my new doorman friend that I would love my experience at the spa.  He was correct.  I was twitterpated with this place from the moment I walked in.

I enjoyed a welcome drink and warm cloth while I glanced over the music menu for my treatment.  That’s right, there was a menu with a style choice for the type of background music I’d prefer during my spa session.IMG_8088

After a quick tour I couldn’t wait to try the facilities of the spa, heck, I’d be happy just to spend a few quiet moments alone in the relaxation area.  But Ruth, my spa therapist was ready whenever I was, so I quickly slipped into my spa robe and slippers and followed her towards the room where I’d have my Red Flower Hamman Treatment, a signature treatment at this spa.

As Ruth began a foot therapy using detox stones, we chatted about what the Red Flower Hammam Treatment treatment entailed and if I had any areas I’d like her to focus on.  She double checked that the temperature of the room was okay, the volume of the music and if there was anything else I needed.  Actually there was; I needed Ruth and her caring nature to come home with me because she was making me feel like royalty!

I made my way over to the massage table where I’d have the body scrub and once again was impressed with the attention to detail at every turn.  As I lied face down on the table, instead of looking down at the floor, as you normally would, I found myself looking down at rose petals, floating in a bowl of water below me.

The combination of contents that made up the scrub is one that I’d never heard of before, nor would I imagine putting together.  With a mixture of lemon, coffee and olive, this scrub had a surprisingly pleasant smell.  The mask that followed the scrub was rose jasmine clay and all this goodness was followed up with an amazing waterfall shower with silk purifying Moroccan mint tea soap.  So many of my senses were in heaven here!

When I finally pulled myself out from the warm water of the shower I climbed back onto the massage table where Ruth was preparing the amber massage oil to move me into a state of even further relaxation; I didn’t think it was possible at this point.

As Ruth proved her skillfullness on the massage table, my mind suddenly went somewhere else.

That voice.

How had I not noticed it before now?  I don’t even remember what I had chosen from the music menu because frankly, I figured whatever they chose would be fine.  But now I needed to know because this woman had a voice like I’d never heard before.

“Do you know who this is singing?” I asked Ruth.

She didn’t, but she informed me that we were listening to the new age selection.  This woman whose voice was gently coming through the speakers had an overwhelming way about her.  I’d never heard the song she was singing before, but it made me feel inspired; like I wanted to be a better person, heal the world or do something that would require a superhero cape.  Talk about uplifting!

By the time Ruth was finished my massage and angel voice had cleansed my soul for several songs more, I walked out of that room feeling like I just finished a woman’s empowerment workshop with Oprah.  I was ready to take on the world!  Or at least the 12 hour travel day that my family was facing in the morning.

Ruth settled me into the relaxation area where I was just in time to watch the water show that happens nightly from the Dubai Fountains.  As the water danced below, the Burj Khalifa shone down from above.  I was sipping tea and munching snacks with my feet up on my lounge chair and a million dollar view in front of me.  I took a moment to count my blessings.  I didn’t need Oprah to remind me to be grateful.  I knew this was amazing, and I was lucky.IMG_8096IMG_8090IMG_8089IMG_8105IMG_8098I refilled my tea and enjoyed the view for a little longer than I normally would because tomorrow my vacation would be over and I’d be back to reality where there would be a month of laundry to catch up on, groceries to buy, and school bags to pack.  But not tonight.  Tonight I was in Dubai, with an unbelievable view, being treated like a princess.  And that was a reality that I wanted to savour for just a little bit longer.

Thank you to The Address Downtown Dubai Spa for welcoming me as a guest.  All opinions are my own.

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