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Spas of the World: Dubai, Guerlain Spa-One&Only The Palm

When I lived in Canada, my friend Karen and I would escape to the spa every now and then to treat ourselves to a bit of relaxation. Our spa time in Calgary was always great, and back then I never imagined that nearly a decade later we’d be having an over the top spa experience together in Dubai.

The One&Only The Palm Dubai is one of the most elite hotels in Dubai, and Guerlain Spa is perfectly on par with the hotel’s reputation. The marriage of a Dubai Hotel and a French Cosmetic company is basically a match made in heaven in my books!

Entering the hotel was like stepping into an Arabian oasis, and that fabulous feeling carried on as we made our way to the spa.After being warmly greeted, we were brought through to a private area where we had a brief consultation with our spa therapists to discuss any needs or expectations we might have.We would be receiving the two hour, Desert d’Orient treatment. I didn’t know what it entailed at that point, but I did know that I didn’t need convincing to spend the next two hours there.

Our experience started with us each lying back in our own bubble bath while sipping on herbal tea and catching up, since we’d only arrived in Dubai a few hours earlier.

Karen was my travelling partner before I met my husband, and moved overseas. Meeting in Dubai was our first trip together in a very long time. Being able to lounge in the spa with my best friend since high school was like slipping into my favourite pair of blue jeans…on a skinny day.

The relaxation had begun!


Next we were brought to the Hamman where we given exfoliation sugar scrubs, and orange body wraps that filled the room with the aroma of a tropical paradise. When our bodies were well scrubbed and buffed, we finished up by heading into the steam room.

Karen steamed as much as she could handle, then yelled to me from the shower, “My skin has never felt so soft! No, really. It’s kinda crazy!”

I had to agree, because when it was my turn to rinse off, the scrub had left me with skin so delightfully silky and smooth that it rivaled a new born baby’s bottom.

Just when we thought we were at the height of our pampering, we had another brief chat with the spa therapists about how we liked our massage pressure and we were led to our private massage room for two.Since this was not your typical spa, it wasn’t surprising that these were not your regular massage tables. I got myself comfortable and my massage therapist adjusted the electronic table just right, finding the perfect sweet-spot of relaxation with my legs elevated ever so slightly while I lied on my back.

I was intoxicated on tranquility.

If Dubai is about luxury, then this treatment at Guerlain Spa is the golden ticket. If you’ve got a special occasion, are looking to get spoiled, or just want to drift away and pamper yourself; you need not look any further. This place is a sanctuary awaiting your arrival and I hope to make it back again one day.

Thank you to the Guerlain Spa for welcoming us as guests. All opinions are my own.

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    1. Canadian Expat Mom Post author

      Thanks Claude, I’ve been working on some other stuff, but I’m back now. Come see me over on Facebook too, I’ve been keeping that(and usually Instagram) up to date. 🙂

  1. Carla MC

    Wow! beautiful! I’ve been living here in Dubai but haven’t been there before as I was booking home services for spa and body massage to I will try to go there and experience it.

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