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A Taste of Dubai

She’s one of my best friends, she was my maid of honour, and there is an ocean between us…but not this week!

My friend may live in Canada and I may live in Congo, but for one week we were together in Dubai, doing what we do best: eating, drinking, and being merry!

We had a week-long girls’ trip in Dubai and, according to the fit of my clothes when we left, the two of us really did it up right!

Dank, Game, and Games: It's all fun and games until your jeans don't fit anymore
We stayed at The H Hotel, which was the perfect home base for a girls’ trip, for several reasons: the coffee bar was the best way to start the day, the lobby/lounge area was perfect for having a drink, our bath tub had a view of downtown and our breakfast was prettier than most morning buffets.With a perfect, yet relatively affordable place to stay all sorted out, we were now on a mission to eat and drink our way through Dubai. I think we did a pretty good job.

At the beginning of our trip we were tired from flying through the night(me), and jet lag(Karen), so we stuck around the Mall of Dubai and ate at a favourite spot of mine, from past trips to Dubai. I usually travel with my family, which means that Social House is a good option because it’s really casual and has a perfect view of the fountains that dance to music every half hour from 6:00pm.So why wasn’t this our regular spot on this trip if I liked it so much??
…because like many places in Dubai, they don’t serve alcohol. It’s a good option for a casual lunch while shopping, but we were looking for something a bit more lively for the evenings.

Here are a few of our highlights from our week in Dubai:

Favourite Lounge

Dubai typically has ladies’ night every Tuesday, where many places offer free drinks and often 50% off meals for women. If you snoop around a bit online, you can find that there is actually a ladies’ night nearly every night of the week. We stuck with the original Tuesday night and made our way to Treehouse in Taj Dubai. My guess as to why it’s called Treehouse: from up there, surrounded by greenery, overlooking the Dubai skyline, it does kind of feel like you’re up in a tree fort(…one that belongs to someone very well-off who could afford an optimally placed piece of land in downtown Dubai to build said tree fort). This rooftop patio has a spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa and Tuesday nights they offer free drink tickets for every lady that walks through the door.

Photo Cred: Taj Dubai

Best Dinner

Four Seasons Resort exudes luxury from the moment you simply hear the name. Mercury Lounge inside Four Seasons did not disappoint.

Photo Cred: Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

From Champagne and oysters, to exceptional Wagyu beef and a uniquely put together dessert for two; this meal was pure foodie bliss! The view was as good as the service, and as hard as you try, it will be difficult to find fault in a dinner here. Like all aspects of the Four Seasons, you’re going to spend a bit more than you would elsewhere, but the experience is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon! #foodieheaven


Best Vibe

At the Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina, you’ll find Siddharta Lounge by Buddah Bar. We went for the food, which was plentiful, but stayed for the atmosphere.

Not only did we have a great meal here, but when it was done, we moved over to the shisha area, propped ourselves on some big cushions and enjoyed a bit of Dubai nightlife. There was a DJ, drinks, and friends to be made. *Side note: I actually stayed at this hotel a couple years ago with my husband and kids and was completely oblivious that this magic spot even existed. It just goes to show that good things happen when you stay up past ‘bedtime’.

Best View

A lot of people want to go up the Burj Khalifa while they’re in Dubai. After all, it is the tallest building in the world. I, however, am a self diagnosed claustrophobic. Cramming myself shoulder to shoulder into an elevator full of tourists isn’t my idea of a good time, and that wasn’t the way that I wanted to experience the supposedly stunning view. Instead Karen and I decided we’d book ourselves a table beside the window at Atmosphere, an upscale lounge(*clear the Visa*) on the 122 floor of the iconic Burj, as I now affectionately refer to it… because after a bill like that, we’re on a nickname basis.  It’s worth noting that the cocktails are delicious enough to make you forget that there is a minimum payment of 320 AED per person(82€/116 CAD). But don’t worry, after you throw back a few of these, it’s not at all difficult to hit that magic number.

Jokes aside, the food was tasty and it was a pretty spectacular place to watch the sun set. I’d rather be there than in the overcrowded elevator any day!So there you have it. A few highlights of an amazing time in Dubai. It’s been a week since I left, and both my waistline and my Visa are now on the mend.

The only problem (and of course I’m referring to the 1st world ones here)…my girlfriends in France don’t like to miss out on a good time. A few Whatsapp pictures throughout the week had them scheming to plan the next ‘Dubai Girlfriend Getaway Extravaganza’ before I even left the airport!

In due time girls, in due time….


Special thanks to The H Hotel, Mercury Lounge and Siddharta Lounge for making our trip extra special. All opinions are my own.

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