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Spas of the World: Boracay, Philippines

boracayspaUsually arriving at the spa consists of parking your car, paying for parking, throwing your keys into your handbag and heading into your establishment of choice.

Today was a little different.  This was my path to the spa today.IMG_7782Set on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bella Isa Spa in Boracay, Philippines has the best front door view that you can imagine!

No need to stash away my keys and pay for parking here!  I strolled down the beach before hand, and when I arrived I was warmly welcomed by the spa staff, eager to wash the sand from my beach battered feet.

In there?  No way!IMG_7764The water they wanted to wash my feet in was covered in fresh, tropical flowers, and far too pretty to be used on my toes.  But alas, who was I to argue.  The beautiful water washing away the sand was the perfect prelude to the pampering I was going to experience for the rest of the day.IMG_7766With clean feet, my toes were slipped into a fresh pair of sandals and I was led into the beautiful front room of the Bella Isa Spa where my day enjoying the ‘I Deserve It’ package began.  The bliss of being on a tropical island was carried through into the all areas of the spa, from the furnishings to the beautiful flowers throughout.  Details were not overlooked here!


IMG_7761IMG_7774The Massage

I was presented with my choice of aroma therapy oils for my one hour, full body, combination massage.

My choices of oils were:
Lavender- to aid in relaxation
Eucalyptus- helping cough, cold and muscle pain
Bella Isa Signature Oil- soothing and relaxing
Yang-Yang Oil-uplifting

IMG_7763After an internal struggle with indecisiveness, and several sniffs later, I went with the lightly scented and soothing Bella Isa Signature Oil.

One hour later and this combination massage of Swedish and Shiatsu and Reflexology had me well unknotted.  If you’ve never received this type of massage before, don’t be alarmed if your masseuse seems to be climbing on the table, or if you feel yourself being gently punched, softly slapped or lightly chopped.  It’s all part of the experience!  I’m always surprised by the strength behind the hands of very petite masseuses and today was no different.  No complaints about lack of pressure here!

The Facial

I’ve always been skeptical of facials; probably from years as a teenager of having my Mother and Grandmother telling me to keep my hands off my face.  As a result of the no face-touching policy, I also don’t like other people touching my face, or using products other than my own, on my face.

Until today.

After my massage we moved right into my first ever facial; beginning with a light cleanser applied to my entire face and neck.  This was followed by a facial scrub a delicious smelling honey mask that makes you want to lick your own face, and finally moisturizer.

For a girl who has purposely avoided facial treatments until now, I am happy to report I not only survived, but actually enjoyed it!  I’m converted!

The Foot Spa

My beach worn feet have been turned anew!  While my toes were treated to some pampering, I was served a delicious plate of fruit and nuts to snack on, along with the best ginger lemon tea I’ve ever tasted.  Choosing from an impressive collection of OPI nail polish, I arguably now have the best feet on the beach.IMG_7771The Hair Spa

After several days of sand, saltwater and sun, every strand of my hair was shouting out in thanksgiving as it was covered in a deep conditioning treatment, covered in a shower cap, and put under a steam heater to repair my dried out locks.

After a head massage, rinse and a blow-dry I spent the remainder of the day unable to stop touching my hair in disbelief of how silky sooth felt.

With my day at the spa complete I walked back out into heaven on the front porch.  A perfect end to a perfect day.IMG_7780Thank you to Bella Isa Spa for having me as a guest.  All opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Spas of the World: Boracay, Philippines

  1. Lisa W

    Once again Lisa I read this after being out in minus 20 plus, shovelling snow. Rome sounded divine, but this too is beyond belief. Realize that this facial will be the one that you will compare others to…. and they won’t meet the comparison. Though when in Calgary….Zora is superb!! What a grand way to welcome 2015!!! Where do you go next??? I foolishly ask!! 🙂

  2. Mat

    I have had a very good foot spa here. Its a lovely, friendly place in a nice quiet part of White Beach. Probably having our honeymoon on Boracay so we might treat ourselves to the works; basically loads of treatments then sailing at sunset followed by dinner on the beach, bliss.

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